Personal Training & Nutrition Coaching

Ready to make a lasting body and life transformation?

Together I’ll show you exactly how to navigate your goals while avoiding the inevitable pitfalls and setbacks that life will throw at you.

Having lost 115 pounds myself, I know how challenging it can truly to be to take on a radical goal for your health and fitness.

Whether we train face-to-face in a gym, your home, or virtually online, together we’ll avoid the confusion, wasted time and painful injuries so you can get great results that last.

To learn more about my coaching background, please visit my about page.

Coaching packages are tailored to your goals and preferences, investments typically priced several hundred dollars per month.

In-Person Coaching

In-person training is available for members of Seattle Athletic Club in Seattle, WA. Learn more about becoming a member.

In-home personal training is available for those living in Bellevue or Redmond, WA.

To learn more, please fill out the personal training form below.

Online Coaching

With virtual training sessions through Zoom, I’ll guide you through your workouts using your available equipment and space, providing demonstrations and form corrections to make sure you get the best results.

With virtual training we’re able to have extreme flexibility with scheduling, or re-scheduling your sessions through the week, along with nutrition planning to ensure you are maximizing your results.

To learn more, please fill out the personal training form below.


  • You are over 22 years old.
  • You presently have no injuries or medical conditions that prevent you from basic weight training.
  • Fat loss goals require keeping a food or habit journal in an analog notebook or app such as LoseIt or Streaks.
  • You are comfortable with my cancellation policy.
  • Billing: Each session is billed individually after the session is completed through Venmo or Zelle. This encourages myself to ensure each session is exceptional, and for you to have the option of discontinuing our coaching at anytime, risk free.

The Process

Step 1. Please fill out the form below and I’ll respond by email within 48 hours. This is pressure free and you are welcome to decline moving further with coaching at anytime during the process.

Step 2. We’ll chat a bit via email about how we can best serve your goals, along with a few suggested coaching packages with cost estimates.

Step 3. We’ll schedule a complimentary 45 minute session at your convenience.

Step 4. During our complimentary session, I’ll gather additional information about your goals, answer your questions, and if you’d like to work together we’ll complete your customized coaching package and schedule your next virtual or in-person sessions.

*Former clients, please contact me directly rather than using this form.

Personal Training Form

    First and Last Name


    1. Let’s dive in, tell me about your short-term and long-term goals.

    2. What’s your motivation to accomplish these goals? Why now?

    3. What are the things you’re looking forward to doing when you accomplish your goals?

    4. What positive impacts and benefits are you looking forward to by having a personal trainer?

    5. Are you free from any injuries and medical conditions that currently prevent you from basic fitness activities?

    Yes, I am currently free from any injuries and medical conditions that prevent me from basic fitness activities.

    6. Please list all injuries and medical conditions.

    7. On a scale of 1-5, how willing are you right now to adopt new nutrition and fitness habits to accomplish your goals? 1 = Very Reluctant, 5 = Very Willing.

    8. Do you believe that there is no magic pill or secret formula that will achieve your success outside of gradually building strong habits, eating well and training with focused intensity?
    Yes, I believe there is no magic pill or secret formula to achieve my success outside of gradually building strong habits, eating well and training with focused intensity.

    9. Are you comfortable investing several hundred dollars per month for your health and fitness?

    Yes, I’m comfortable investing in my health and fitness.

    10. Who is your favorite superhero?

    *Email responses sent within 48 hours Monday through Saturday.