Contact Policy

For Clients

Long-Form Questions: Please feel welcome to send me your long form questions through email anytime, with a few guidelines to help me serve you best.

  1. Please send me 1 email per week, if you’d like to send multiple, please consolidate into a single email.
  2. List all your questions in bullet points.
  3. Each bullet point is a question or comment.
  4. Each bullet point is a maximum of 3 sentences.
  5. There can be an unlimited amount of bullet points.
  6. You can send the email at any point in the week, but I’ll typically respond on set intervals on Monday or Friday.

Simple Questions: Please send me simple questions anytime through text message or our training app, such as questions I can answer with “this one or that one” or “yes or no” or “what’s the best X” or in one sentence. I respond to these daily, Monday through Saturday between 10am and 9pm.

Scheduling: Please send me a text message in cases of rescheduling, if you send an email please follow up with a text message incase I miss your email as I only check my emails twice a day.

Memes: Yes please! Text message or Instagram DM’s preferred.

Emergencies: In case of emergencies, please call me followed by a text message for immediate response.

For Everyone Else

Thank you for looking to get in contact with me! I just ask that you help me organize my workflow by asking me in the right place.

  1. If you have a question, please ask me in the site comments on any article related to the topic.
  2. Questions about personal coaching? Please start by filling out a coaching application here.
  3. Questions about my training programs? Please see if it’s answered here on the website first.
  4. Sales emails/texts will be ignored. Please don’t send them.
    • Advertising is not accepted nor am I interested in affiliate marketing.
    • I’m not interested in buying or using your software.
    • I’m not looking for help with my advertising strategy, marketing, or SEO.

If none of the above apply then please message me on my Instagram, I typically respond within 72 hours.