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  • How to Be a Successful Personal Trainer in 2023

    This guide is your masterplan to building a personal training career, booking yourself solid with clients you love. Rules for Reading : While reading, think on the following . . . Table of Contents v1.1: Added choose a homebase, invent a referral culture. Coming Soon 1. Your Coaching Compass Recommended Watching : Start With Why, […]

  • Commonplace Journaling Guide for 2023

    This guide outlines my system of keeping a commonplace journal, a method of journaling modeled after renaissance masters and great men of history. When consistently implemented, your commonplace journal will bring you unparalleled insights into your nature, the world around you, and above all, self-mastery. Index 1. The Commonplace Journal ”Understand yourself: your temperament, intellect, […]

  • How to Be a Successful Online Trainer in 2023

    Creating and offering online services is a simple and natural opportunity every trainer would be wise to invest in. Through coaching, programs, products and monetizing your content, you can create amazing products for your clients and customers while running a thriving business.

  • Home Gym Guide

    We’re living in the golden era of the home gym. Here is my small guide on my favorite home gym tools I’ve been training my clients with.

  • Essential Recipes Guide

    My battle tested and foodie approved recipes when it comes to the task of producing a week’s worth of food without the hassle.

  • Just Tell Me What to Eat Guide

    “Coach! Just tell me what to eat!” *Omnivore Edition Meat, fowl, fish, seafood, eggs, nuts, seeds, vegetables of all colors, fruit, roots, tubers, bulbs, herbs and spices, animal fats, olives and olive oil, avocados, coconut meat and oil, and low sugar dairy. *Don’t Eat Paint Warning: Please don’t eat foods you are allergic or sensitive […]